janvier 2012

Illuminati New York – @MeshOnek

@MeshOnek is a very good friend of mine and a talented graffiti artist, and graphist. He created some t-shirt design that I had the chance to order a few weeks ago.

Here is an Illumnati version of the famous « I ♥ NY » t-shirt design. At first the design of the pyramid was red, but it came out orange, because of the file Redbubble requires. I kind a like though.

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#InsideOut by @JR-Art

I’m coming home at night after spending the evening at the « Je vous aime bien, mais je me préfère » Premiere, and my attention got caught by huge faces printed and sticked to the wall. It’s JR-Art latest project Inside Out.

I went to his exhibit in Paris a month ago, and did my own portrait, JR left a photobooth in the showroom, where anyone could come, be photographed, and leave with its big black and white portrait. People can then meet and organize themselves to print the city with their portraits.

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