mars 2012

In Auvergne with @dco_O

  A few weeks ago, I was invited by my friend David Fake to stay a couple of days at his parents’ house in Auvergne.

It felt good to leave Paris for a moment, because I was a bit loss with my inspiration, winter was difficult to me this year.

I waited for this week end for days, and I brought some of my cameras, finally I didn’t use them all, only  my LC-A+ with its Wide Angle Lens.

After this trip I broke it up, and I can’t take pictures with it anymore. These are the last pictures I took with it.

Walking through the trees, seeing the sky, no sign of urbanism… It felt refreshing.


We spent our time walking and eating (mostly eating actually), I ate food like I didn’t in a loong time, drinking wine with cheese, playing with Benji (David’s Japanese Dog), we talked a lot about many things.

I never spent much time with David before, I mean in the same house, and it was pleasant.


*For those who don’t know where is Auvergne in France.

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On the road with Cie Dans Le Ventre

Last week end, I’ve been invited by Cie Dans Le Ventre to follow them on the road to Riberac (an hour from Angoulême).

They’ve been playing their version of Les Femmes Savantes (Molière), and I took some pictures on the road, but most of the time I was filming…


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