avril 2012

From New York

Here I am, after a week in New York.

The weather is bad, it rains a lot, I’m happy to challenge myself by taking pictures under the rain, or with a cloudy grey light.

I thought it’ll be a great opportunity for me to start filming something, but nothing happened, it seems photography satisfies my creativity.

I’m mostly (as always) shooting analogue. I tried some Polaroids but I’m having trouble to get something out of the Impossible PX70.

My Semflex looks broken, because even if I settled the shutter speed to 250 it takes 1 second… That’s why I’m not shooting many 120 film.

Here is the only picture I took with my digital camera (not counting the instagram pics I’m doing)

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Never ending Backtage of Teaser of KSAT 5

This afternoon @Yayainthemoon stopped by at my place because I had to give her my video camera. She needed it to film some of the artists performing at KSATzine release party.

When we met in junior high, Yaya and I used to draw, write, photograph, create together, a lot!

So this courtesy visit ended in shooting another teaser for the Party.

KSAT 5 is on its way. Get Ready People.


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House of my dreams

I have to tell you about it. After spending a few hours in Burno Bouchard & Virginie’s house, I couldn’t help myself thinking about my dream house.

I can’t tell you about this house without telling you about Bruno and Virginie.

They are very generous, and enthousiastic people, huge cinema addict, I think we can litterally say they felt in love with cinema. They’re also a big collectors, they make me think of me with cameras… But x1000 times more than me.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I let the pictures speak.



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