mai 2012

The Rebirth of Instant Photography I

I started using polaroid camera when I was 13, at my very first steps in Photography. At the time analogue was the only way to go, and if you wanted to be original, you could try Polaroid cameras.

I saved some money to buy my first Polaroid 600 Camera (and buying film then was already expensive), anyway I managed to take a few pictures with it.

I didn’t had a chance to use my polaroid camera before 5 years ago, when I started to shoot analogue again (through Lomographic cameras).

I bought an Fuji Instax 7s and Instax 210 cameras, The Impossible Project was just a project, and there were selling the last colour 600 Polaroid films.

A year ago I bought on ebay a Polaroid EE100. Another step into Instant photography.

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Last hours in #Québec



I’m currently heading back to New York by bus, my journey ends here, I enjoyed Québec very much. Spending time with friends, watching amazing landscapes… It’s been refreshing spending these few days ou of the big city, I’ll be back in Paris in a couple of days, where many things are going to change, I’m glad this trip helped me to connect with myself.
Get ready Paris I’m back. #WeAreTheFuture. Peace folks!



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