juin 2012

#GhettoNounours – Episode 4

With @MeshOnek we managed to edit another video of #GhettoNounours. Enjoy and comment!

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Monochrome Polaroids

Recently, I managed to get some Impossible films, and I’ve tried a BW PX Cool Film.

Loaded in my 600 Polaroid camera, I started taking pictures at 15M² (my new office – check it here).

And I found out it was amzing black and white pictures, with something very personnal and dark at the same time.

Here are a few of it.

2012⎮ © 15M² – Creative People Office & Buster Adams


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Working together

This week, an idea crossed my mind.

Tired of working on my own at home, I decided to call a few friends, and asked them if the place were they work was appropriate, and if they would work differently in a proper space.

@Dco_O answered: « when I’m home I spent more time procrastinating than working. I would like to spend less time at the table a day, but effective time, cause now I spend 12 hours doing everything else. »

@MeshOnek told me: « I work home it’s not appropriate, and it’s different than working in a office, cauz’ I can spent my day in underwear. »

The idea was here, and I had people to share my space. I started to move furnitures, and to clean up my living room, and kitchen, I was about to create an open space for people who want to work out of their homes (and to me, I could work with other people by staying at my place)

I managed to set a little place with a couch were you can read and have a break, my desk, and a collective desk for the others.

Here we are starting to make this place a working space, where we can share positive synergy.

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A friend, a brother, a sidekick

I spent the day with my father, I brought the camera he gave me when I was 14, because it was family time, I wanted to take some nice pictures with it.

At some point we watched old pictures of my brothers and I when we were babies (mother’s day classic), and as if it was nothing my father said:

« Hey I took these pictures of you at maternity with the camera you have here! I bought it in 86! » …

I was born in 86. The camera I always have with me since I started photographing things, is this Olympus OM10. The first camera I had in my hands, the first camera that took pictures of me the day I was born. Now I’m taking so many pictures with it.

In my head, I was at the end of Fight Club twist scene, remembering all the moments, seeing them differently because now: I know.

I know why I love this camera so much, and why I’m so attached to it, first because my father’s gave it to me, and second we’ve been living aside for 25 years. I can understand how silly I might sound but I felt different after he told me.

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I had a camera before I got an iPhone

As you know, I just re-discovered instant photography this week end. I got old polaroids out of a box and I realised the pictures I took were pretty much like the one I took with Instagram (and other iPhone Apps).

It makes me wonder how many users are very into photography. I don’t want to start a war between photographer and iPhone users. Just asking myself about this big phenomenon that came along with the apparition of digital photography and mobile photography.

Now we all have an Instagram account, a twitter, facebook, flickr, tumblr etc. and we can take more pictures than our parents did. The first reason is the fact that everyone of us (most people I mean) have a smartphone that takes good pictures, pictures you can upload in the second online and share it. But how many of us really have a camera in his bag? Even a digital one? Not very much.

It doesn’t mean anything to have one or not, I guess technology helped people to accept the fact they always wanted and liked taking pictures. They didn’t try it though, but we have smartphones and we have that possibility in our pocket at any moment.

People are probably looking at the world differently because they have a potential camera in their pocket. I just wanted to say we should get a proper camera and really try to take pictures, and have our smartphone in one hand, and a camera in the other.



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