septembre 2012

Opening a #Lomo Camera (LC-A)

I told you a few months ago, that my LC-A was broken. And I never had a chance to understand how it really works. Full of curiosity I started to open the LC-A.

I filmed myself and made a #Vendredi15 video (video we upload on Fridays) out of this experiment.

I wanted to see what was inside this small camera.

And I found out. It’s just plastic and wires.

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Visiting Churches in Paris

Yesterday I visited some churches in Paris for a photoshoot I’m going to make.

I met Hadji last week, and I was surprised how enthousiastic she was about my pictures.

She wants me to take analogue portraits of her. I don’t know yet what will come out of it, but I found some interesting places to shoot in.

2012-09-15 15.49.20
What camera?

I want to shoot with my Mamiya 645, because I really like the pictures we take.

What film?

I’m still thinking about this, I wanted to use both BW negative film, and Colour Negative film… But I also got results from a Slide film I really like though. I’ll probably shoot the three type of film.

BW : probably Ilford XP2

Colour Neg : I need to try the Kodak TMax100 and I recently had good results with the Fuji Pro 160S and pro 400H –

Slide : The results of my last roll of Astia 100F was amazing. I guess I’ll try some Provia 400 to be sure it’s not too dark

Check out some of the pictures of churches I took recently

More soon…

 2012⎮ © 15M² – Creative People Office & Buster Adams

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