octobre 2012


SOLYL-S – LIVE – Solidays 2012 from Quinze Mètre Carré on Vimeo.

SOLYL-S en concert le 22 juin 2012 au festival Solidays sur la scène Circus

Production vidéo : Quinze Mètre Carré
Images : Ulysse Vincent
Montage : Buster Adams

Ruth M’balanda : Lead Vocal
Emilien Gillan : Guitar
Jeeb’s Paliès : Drums
Carel Cléril : Bass
Thibaud Merle : Saxophone
Tanguy Jouanjan : Trumpet

Sammy Maujard : Son Live

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Work in progress – feat. @diana_jap

I’m currently working on a short dance video with Diana. After Eternal Sunshine of the Bboy Mind I wanted to experiment further with video and dancing.

Day 1 : Saturday

It started with a Shortfilm Festival (Silhouette Festival in Paris) we went to, where we saw an amazing dance video. After discussing it for a while, Diana and I decided to work together.

Shooting a video with visual ideas, and focusing on the esthetical part. And this is how we ended up in a field, under a cloudy sky, one Saturday morning. It was cold and I was carrying 15kg of flour but we didn’t care about anything, only the making of the video was important.

This was the first time filming with 50 frames/sec. I wanted a very fine image quality, and to be able to have slow-motion at some point. I’ll see how I’ll use it on post-production.

Day 2 : Sunday

We finished filming the video we wanted to do. But on Sunday morning, I woke up with an idea: I wanted to photograph Diana in a very different light.
At this point I had no idea of what I was going to do, but I knew that all I needed was a video camera plugged into a video projector and that I was going to shoot at 15m².

I started taking some pictures, but I quickly switched the settings of the camera to Recording and eventually filmed the entire afternoon.

2012⎮ © 15M² – Creative People Office & Buster Adams

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Introducing the Instant Lab by #ImpossibleProject

This week, The Impossible Project Space Paris introduced the Instant Lab (a way to turn your digital iPhone pictures into Polaroid).

We already had a chance to see it in the presentation video Impossible Project made for their fundraising, but it was the first time we actually see it in real. I was at the party, and here is my short report.

First, here is the video produced by the company presenting the prototype of the Instant Lab.

The party started at 7pm, Peter welcoming people with beer, tells me he’ll do the presentation at 8pm.

I had time to speak with friends, enjoy my beer, answer to my friend’s questions about Polaroid cameras and Impossible Project.

The offer was: « Send us digital pictures, and we’ll turn them into cool fresh Polaroid tonight ».

The Instant Lab

It looks like the bottom of a polaroid camera, and works pretty much like it. All you need to do is set up the time of exposure with the help of the official Impossible iPhone app. The try out went well, and I was able to discover the new film with its new formula in use. No need to cover up your photos anymore, all you have to do is wait for about 30 minutes… It’s a great breakthrough but Instant Photography doesn’t sound so instant anymore. Hopefully they’ll probably keep working on the formula to find a faster developing process.

As for the usefulness of this « amazing » Instant Lab, we can question the actual appeal of turning digital pictures into polaroids: why not take them directly with a polaroid camera since the cost will be the same in the end? Also, apart from having the possibility to use a digital picture downloaded from the internet and creating a fake polaroid of Will Ferrel, I don’t get it. Anyway, the Instant Lab is an undeniable technological innovation that works perfectly well, and whoever uses it will find it useful and effective.

Release date of the Instant Lab : around March 2013

Price : Around 100€

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