novembre 2012

« Lost Cause » with @Diana_Jap

Here is the second video we shot with Diana Jap. (In fact it was the first one we filmed, but the second one to be released…Catch up here)

After a few months, I finally found the right way to edit this video, and didn’t come easily!

One of the reasons was that at the time, it was time for me to work on other people’s projects, and I didn’t have the time or mindset to do anything else. When I finally started working on it I knew I had amazing video footage, but only a blurry idea of what I wanted to do. The song Diana had picked wasn’t helping me because it wasn’t giving me enough inspiration and enthusiasm to edit the film properly… So I decided to hold the project, and focus on other things, take time, and give it a second thought.

I showed it to David Fake, and the talk we had after he watched it helped me a lot.

I needed something that would draw me to this project : the music. I needed the perfect song for me, the one that actually made me feel something, so I started listenning to a lot of music (albums I hadn’t listened to in a while). I started thinking about Mattafix, Woodkid, and more.

And then I found it! I listened to Dust It Off by The Dø, and I could just see Diana dancing with flour in a field… I used to listen to this song around 6 am everyday on my way to university, during the dry, cold winter. It suited the video well : « perfect match ».

I found the perfect soundtrack, went home, and it only took me a couple of hours to finish it.

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