décembre 2012

Preview of « Chasse coeur »

Here are some screenshots from the film I recently made with Marylou and Kévin.

I’m currently editing it, and quite happy with the result.

We spent a day and a half together filming and writing this film, it’s about a young couple trying to manage to live together and trust each other.

It was a great experiment to make this project, because I never felt the need to tell a story before, and the trust that Kévin and Marylou put in me to direct them helped a lot.

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« Doesn’t matter where you want to go, we’re ok »

I’ve been working on the video I’m about to broadcast for a few weeks now. It will be screened at a New Year’s Eve event.

The topic of the evening is « Hunting », and as I don’t have time to create enough original footage I started editing some films and videos I found on the internet.

Last Sunday, I was working on it, and got hit by inspiration. I wanted to try to make a short film, with 2 actors, in a car, somewhere… And then I thought of Marylou and Kévin.



I met Marylou a few months ago (she is a Gouache Girl) and I’ve been working with Kévin for almost 2 years now.

They are both actors :

Here is Marylou in a short film written by Anaïs Volpé.

And here is Kévin playing for his band.

So I contacted them, and explained with a few words, images and expressions what I wanted to do. I hadn’t written anything, no lines, no situations, all I had were images in my head.

I got their answers a few hours later, they were up for it, we found a day, and we’re going to shoot very soon. I will probably use it for the video “Partie de chasse : Les 12 rafales de minuit” (i.e. for the NYE event) but without the sound. And I’ll post a proper version here.

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