février 2013

New Personal Serie coming – Johanna

A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet Johanna, a young french actress studying.

It happened on the first night of snow in Paris, we met through Samantha (a friend from London). As a great PR Sam just told us we could work together on future project together, saying how great my pictures were, and how motivated Johanna was.


As the night was going we didn’t have much time to consider it, but in the next morning I had the idea of doing a video for Crop The Block, and I called Johanna. As promised she was enthousiastic about it, and answered positively. This is how we shot Snow Girl.


Snow girl is a mood video I thought about to portrait a place I chose in Paris. We shot a couple of hours in a park next to the Quinze Mètre Carré office, and everything went well. At this time I knew, I’ll probably work with her again.


My schedule is pretty busy these days, but when I knew I had a day « off » I was so excited I wanted to try some things in photography, with different lights than usual, and with analogue. My previous attemps weren’t very conclusive, that’s why I wanted to work better this time. I finally found how to shoot with my mamiya with studio lights with Sophie, I was ready to conquer different lights horizons.


My fridge is full of different 120mm film I bought on eBay. I had all the tools and skills to try different ambiances. I shot Fuji (Pro 160S,  Velvia 100 and NPL 160), Kodak (160VC, E100VS, and Ektar 100). In black and white I used the Kodak TMAX 100, and a Ilford Super XP2 400 (which was a bit over-exposed).



I’m very happy with the results, and found Johanna was quite confident with the camera even though it was her first photoshoot.


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