décembre 2013

More about Infrared Photography

On my free time, I keep experimenting with Infrared Photography. This time it brought me in The Jura, a perfect landscape area in France.


 After Fontainebleau and Paris, I felt like I needed to shoot more with infrared film. I knew I already liked the ILFORD SFX 200 better compared to the Efke IR 820 ( I didn’t manage to shoot the Efke right yet)



This is why, on a rainy day, in La Pesse (a small town in Jura) I started to shoot those amazing landscapes, with pines, lost farms, and a lost fire dept truck.




Somehow (maybe because of the rain), my photos came out with strange fluid stains. I think the effect is nice, but at the same time I wish those shots were « cleaner ».

As you must imagine, I’m not going to stop shooting Infrared Film. I’m about to travel to India in a few weeks, and I have 3 rolls of Kodak Aerochrome in my fridge.




2013⎮ © 15M² – Quinze Mètre Carré & Buster Adams

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