mars 2014

A journey in Kerala [PART 1]

About a month ago, I travelled through Kerala (South India) with a backpack and my camera.

This was my first time in India, and I had the chance to go with someone who already been in India before. It was a two weeks journey, going from town to town. We landed in Mumbai and spent about 2 days before going on a train for 27 hours heading to Alleppey. There was an amazing light in the train, because of the colours inside, everything was blue and the windows was diffusing the daylight, and creating a soft atmosphere inside the train.

Arriving in Alleppey we stayed a few days in a very nice guest house named « Rice County ». Alleppey is a small town crossed by backwaters, our guesthouse was next to a Mosque, the morning prayer at 5am is a bit disturbing at first, but still what reminds you aren’t not dreaming.

We took the bus to Munnar, where you can see amazing tea fields every where, it was a 5 hours journey, and arriving in Munnar we decided to go to a smaller town named Kumily, where we found tea fields also and the Peryar National Park (add another 5 hours bus ride). Kumily is much quieter than Munnar which was necessary after spending 5 hours in a bus without closed windows, hearing the rumble of the engine.

I enjoyed this journey, and there are a few more place I’ve been to…

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Et pourquoi pas « Captain America » ?…

Bien sûr vous connaissez « BULLET TIME », le podcast Cinéma créé par @Mr_Nimp & @thomas_app  (soutenu par @15m2_Office & @Cut_Directors). Ils parlent « de cinéma comme d’autres parlent de foot » (!!).

Alors m’est venu l’idée de raconter, de façon très fantaisiste (je le concède), leur duo à travers l’actualité cinématographique (MAIS PAS QUE)… sans perdre de vue le style comics ! Ces petites incursions du côté des « Bullet » resteront ponctuelles et seront postées aléatoirement. En attendant de finir l’écriture de « CLOUDOBSESSIONS » qui est un travail de longue haleine (!)…

A bientôt !


Ou comment @Mr_Nimp & @thomas_app pourrait s’intéresser à « Captain America, the winter soldier« …

bullet_captainA @DCh



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