septembre 2014

Work in progress : M O T I O N

This summer I started to work on my second short-film.

About 2 years after Chasse Coeur, here I am making : M O T I O N.

This time I have written a script, with dialogues, characters, places, and a lot of ideas. That’s why I have to think before filming. When we made my first short-film, I had 2 actors for 2 days and a car, everything was improvised.


Now I have to deal with dialogues and situations, but how can I have the exact same result on screen as what’s in my mind? It’s impossible, because actors aren’t in your head, and even when you explain to them what you imagine, they hear it through their own experience, and sensibility. So somehow you have to accept that there will be a slight difference between the script and the actual scene. Nothing new for any director I guess, but to me that’s the main lesson I have to learn.

Fabrice_Day1_WEBMacha_Day3_webI currently work with many actors I know for years, Fabrice and Macha work together at Entrées De Jeu and they were the perfect match with their characters for this project.

The main character is played by Anissa with whom I worked with on a short demo video as a dancer.


I’ve finished filming, and started editing, tried to have a better sound than in Chasse Coeur, and will probably work on an original soundtrack as well. More to come…

2014⎮ © 15M² – Quinze Mètre Carré & Buster Adams

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