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Déambulie Sonore : Sur un air de Grand-Ensemble

En avril 2016 j,’ai participé à la création du second volet du projet Les Déambulies au sein de la Compagnie Fictions Collectives

Lors de la création de l’épisode 1 : Les castors de banlieue, il y a eu un film qui documentait la création de cette déambulation dans le quartier de la Boissière à Montreuil.

Cette fois c’est Hélène Coeur qui nous a suivit au long de l’enquête et de la création de l’épisode 2 : Sur un air de grand ensemble.

Un documentaire sonore réalisé par Hélène Cœur qui raconte l’immersion de la compagnie dans le quartier du Bel-Air et des Grand-Pêchers et la création du second épisode des Déambulies en avril 2016.


©Guillaume Krebs

Vous pouvez écouter notre passage sur Radio Campus au moment de la création du spectacle.

crédit photo : ©Guillaume Krebs
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Jef Klak 3 : Fiction Sonore « Pour qui chante le coq »

Cette année, j’ai participé avec le collectif Jef Klak à ma première fiction sonore.

J’y interprète Buddy, un shérif adjoint enclin aux jeux de mots.

Enregistrée courant Octobre 2015, cette fiction accompagne le numéro 3 de la revue papier, que vous pourrez trouver en librairie.

L’équipe est entièrement bénévole, et le travail est de qualité.

Alligator Wine, Far West, soleil au zénith.

Ce matin-là, les cow-boys Birdy et Goody ont manqué l’aurore. Levés de mauvaise botte dans la moiteur du midday, les voilà sans nouvelle du bien-nommé Ritchie, chanteur à grande crête, horloge flamboyante, annonciateur du point du jour. Mais où est-il passé ? Deux balles de fusil si c’est cette saleté de renard ! Face à une shérif dépassée par les évènements, Birdy et Goody, entourés de tou.te.s les habitant.e.s, doivent bientôt se rendre à l’évidence : les animaux sont partis !

Que devient la dernière espèce dans le silence des grandes plaines de l’Ouest ?

Aprem enregistrement d’une fiction sonore ! #AlligatorWine #acting #onset

Une photo publiée par Thomas App (@thomas_app) le

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On set for The Unloveables 

A few months ago, Marion Lefeuvre started the production of her 2nd feature film The Unlovables.

She already had a script, and wanted to shoot 4 shortfilms as prequels of the film.

Every one of the 4 main characters is presented in a shortfilm. I’m playing John, one of Max’s best friend. John is living alone, barely leaves his home, and lives by his own world’s rules.

DAY 1. #filmmaking #filmmakerlife #shortfilm #indiefilmmaking #onset #cinema

A photo posted by The Unloveables (@theunloveables) on

6 months later, here we are, on set of this project. The first 3 days of shooting were auite inspiring, seeing everyone working together, the characters taking shapes and the crew working very hard to do quality work with low budget.

On set de nuit pour @theunloveables | #filmmaking #shortfilm #theunloveables

A photo posted by Thomas App (@thomas_app) on

Anyhow we’re all very excited to show this work.

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Les Déambulies, épisode 2

En Juillet 2015, j’ai rejoint la Compagnie Fictions Collectives, qui construit un théâtre documentaire et participatif.

lescastorsdebanlieue_lesdeambulies_compagnie_fictions_collectives_je_me_souviens_MarieMortier_ThomasAppolaireElle engage les habitant.e.s dans des enquêtes restituées, in situ, sous forme déambulatoire. C’est ainsi que nous avons monté le premier épisode d’un projet intitulé : Les Déambulies. À partir des souvenirs recueillis auprès des habitants (lors d’un travail en atelier), nous avons monté un spectacle-enquête qui emmenait le public dans une ballade du Quartier de La Boissière à Montreuil (93), et leur faisait découvrir l’histoire du quartier au travers des histoires de ses habitant.e.s.

L’épisode 1 : « Les castors de banlieue » a eu le droit à un making-of, qui présente nos trois habitantes, Jacqueline, Edda, et Ginette. Elle ont participé à nos ateliers et ont partagé avec nous cette première aventure. « La banlieue c’était mieux avant? »

« Je me souviens » un film de : Julien Meunier


En Avril, nous présenterons l’épisode 2 : « Sur un air de grand ensemble », cette fois nous avons mené l’enquête dans le Quartier du Bel-Air / Grands Pêchers, toujours sur la ville de Montreuil (93). Nous avons été reçu dans l’émission L’oeil à l’écoute sur Radio Campus Paris pour en parler, ainsi que présenter quelques extraits.





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Work in progress : M O T I O N

This summer I started to work on my second short-film.

About 2 years after Chasse Coeur, here I am making : M O T I O N.

This time I have written a script, with dialogues, characters, places, and a lot of ideas. That’s why I have to think before filming. When we made my first short-film, I had 2 actors for 2 days and a car, everything was improvised.


Now I have to deal with dialogues and situations, but how can I have the exact same result on screen as what’s in my mind? It’s impossible, because actors aren’t in your head, and even when you explain to them what you imagine, they hear it through their own experience, and sensibility. So somehow you have to accept that there will be a slight difference between the script and the actual scene. Nothing new for any director I guess, but to me that’s the main lesson I have to learn.

Fabrice_Day1_WEBMacha_Day3_webI currently work with many actors I know for years, Fabrice and Macha work together at Entrées De Jeu and they were the perfect match with their characters for this project.

The main character is played by Anissa with whom I worked with on a short demo video as a dancer.


I’ve finished filming, and started editing, tried to have a better sound than in Chasse Coeur, and will probably work on an original soundtrack as well. More to come…

2014⎮ © 15M² – Quinze Mètre Carré & Buster Adams

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#CloudObsession – a moving exhibition in Paris

It’s been a few years I’m cloud obsessed. Way before I got on Instagram (my earliest cloud obsessions were shot with my Blackberry).

Anyway, I came up with the idea of showing some of the pictures I took with everyone. This is why I imagined a way to invade people’s dailylife.

What was more perfect than in a subway train? Everything fitted : the place, the time, the people, and the mood. I found myself a partner at the Lab Nation Photo where I’m a long and faithful customer. I got the prints. 2014-06-08 11.16.09All I needed was the people. I called a few friends, and others that follow my work. I got my cloud team.

We will cross people’s life in the subway by holding prints of clouds, and bring the exhibition to them instead of waiting for them to come. All we had to do now is bringing to life #CloudObsession

2014-06-07 15.20.29-2  2014-06-08 11.16.07We did it.

And this is what happened.

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A journey in Kerala [PART 3]

India is my grandfather native land, and even if I don’t have family there anymore, I had the chance to discover a part of it named Kerala.

Photo29_29AIt’s time to jump back in the Netravati Express heading to Mumbai. After those two weeks travelling around it felt good going back to something I knew. It may sound weird but it feels good to be somewhere you already been to, now you know how everything works and you can start enjoying a small part of how daily life looks like.

Photo11_11ABeing in this big city was very different from the first days. At first everything seems loud, busy, crowded, and somehow violent. But then, because I’ve been to smaller and a bit wilder places , I started to know why I also like cities : because you’re not alone, and better, nobody notices you (hard for a tourist in India I know, but you see what I meant).

Photo26_26ACountryside of Kerala was amazing, and I loved the places I’ve been to. But Mumbai was a way to understand what changes were going on in India and most of all : the gap between modern and traditionnal life.

Photo12_12I’m not going to lie, it’s easy for me to enjoy this country because I can come back to France anytime. This trip was rough to me, because I learnt a lot about what I’m made of, and where I come from. This is not India, this isn’t Vietnam: this is « not just » France actually. I never thought it would be that obvious to me.


2014⎮ © 15M² – Quinze Mètre Carré & Buster Adams

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A journey in Kerala [PART 2]

As you already know I traveled through Kerala a few months ago.

After our first week, we stayed in Kumily 3 days (which is the longest we’ve done after Mumbai).

The time for us to visit the Peryar National Park, and the occasion for me to try my second roll of Kodak Aerochrome (I loaded the first one in the tea fields in Munnar but the film got stuck in the camera, and it scewed it up). Kodak Aerochrome is an infrared colour film you shoot through an orange filter and everypart of trees, grass gets amazing by turning RED. It’s a film you can’t find anymore, or maybe on ebay, and it costs a lot.

After my fail with the first roll, I’ve been super careful with the second one, but…

At the lab I use to go to, they got it wrong, and used the wrong chemistry… But I have one or two pictures to show you.

Photo15_15After 3 days in Kumily, we went to Fort Kochi by bus again, and here we are in this little peninsula. Everything is busy around the station in Kochi (Ernakulam Junction), but once we got in Fort Kochi, everything looks like countryside.

Photo02_2Quiet streets, beautiful portugese architecture, we walked on the bay, near Mahatma Gandhi Beach, as fishermen started working at 7am.

Photo07_7This was our last days before going back to Mumbai.

2014⎮ © 15M² – Quinze Mètre Carré & Buster Adams

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