On set for The Unloveables 

A few months ago, Marion Lefeuvre started the production of her 2nd feature film The Unlovables.

She already had a script, and wanted to shoot 4 shortfilms as prequels of the film.

Every one of the 4 main characters is presented in a shortfilm. I’m playing John, one of Max’s best friend. John is living alone, barely leaves his home, and lives by his own world’s rules.

DAY 1. #filmmaking #filmmakerlife #shortfilm #indiefilmmaking #onset #cinema

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6 months later, here we are, on set of this project. The first 3 days of shooting were auite inspiring, seeing everyone working together, the characters taking shapes and the crew working very hard to do quality work with low budget.

On set de nuit pour @theunloveables | #filmmaking #shortfilm #theunloveables

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Anyhow we’re all very excited to show this work.


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